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VPA L-Carnitine - 200g (200 Serves)

VPA L-Carnitine - 200g (200 Serves)

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VPA L-Carnitine helps you lose weight. The role that L-carnitine plays in transporting fatty acids so they can be used as energy. makes it vital to the fat loss process. Fat cannot be taken from our fat stores, and burned for energy, without L-carnitine. The extra energy provided by increased levels of L-carnitine in muscle tissues, can increase activity levels and further help with fat loss.

VPA L-Carnitine may help prevent muscle breakdown during exercise due to the greater availability of energy derived from fat.

L-carnitine may play a role in healthy aging by improving mitochondrial health and functioning.- May help improve cognitive ability, alertness, memory and mood.

Features and Benefits:

L-carnitine helps with weight and fat loss and is a must-have staple for your fat burning stack. The degree to which it assists with fat loss seems to be greater in older people, and vegetarians and vegans.


For optimal results, consume 1 serve morning and night in 100ml of water.

Serving size: 1 gram


100% Pharmaceutical grade L-Carnitine Tartrate

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