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Nature's Goodness

Nature's Goodness Bee Pollen 250g

Nature's Goodness Bee Pollen 250g

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Nature's Goodness Pollen is a fine powder composed of microscopic particles that enable a plant to reproduce. It is the major food source for bees. Pollen is collected by bees from within the flower and is naturally granulated by the bees. Bee pollen is packed with nutrients, containing all the essential amino acids and fatty acids, vitamins and flavonoids. Pollen provides support to the immune system, muscle growth and energy, and stamina.

This pollen is multifloral, coming from many different varieties of flower. This is reflected in the broad range of granule colours, from yellow and orange through to red and purple, providing a broader range of phytonutrients.

Features and Benefits:

Bee pollen is one of nature’s unique and complex super-foods and 100% natural. It is also an ideal food supplement and an excellent addition to a balanced, healthy diet. Furthermore, Bee pollen provides energy and nutrients.


100% pure bee pollen.

This product has been treated with ionising radiation.


Use pollen sprinkling it on breakfast cereals, fruit salad, yoghurt etc.

Whiz it up in a smoothie or simply chew it direct from the container.

One to two teaspoons daily.


Bee pollen may cause severe allergic reactions. If a reaction occurs, immediately discontinue use and consult your healthcare professional.

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