Lakewood Prune Juice Organic 946ml

Lakewood Prune Juice Organic 946ml

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Lakewood Organic Pure Prune Juice has a high antioxidant content, it also contains a good amount of dietary fibre, thus making it one of the common home remedies for constipation. Prunes promote significant health benefits considered essential for supporting and maintaining good health, Provides potassium and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels, Contain Anti-Oxidants to provide remarkable Free-Radical protection.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Support the digestive system and maintain normal glucose levels
  • Provide bowel regularity and bowel motility
  • Support blood sugar regulation and assist bone development
  • Maintain normal cell growth and provide healthful nutrients for every stage of life
  • Contain anti-oxidants to provide remarkable free-radical protection
Organic Prune Juice

Refrigerate after opening
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