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Aromae Essentials

Aromae Essentials Ginger Oil 12ml

Aromae Essentials Ginger Oil 12ml

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Aromae Essentials Ginger Oil is prefect remedy for clears the respiratory tract and support or boost digestion. Besides this is also a child's oil for anything sore from a broken heart to a sore tummy. You can use Aromae Essentials Ginger Oil when a child is feeling sad for any reason, even colic. Add it to any carrier oil and gently massage into the sore place.

Features and Benefits:

  • support and boost digestion
  • treat upset stomach 
  • help infections heal
  • clears the respiratory tract
  • reduce inflammation
  • strengthen heart health
  • provide antioxidants
  • enhances appetite
  • relieve anxiety


Ginger - Zingiber officinale (Ginger) Root Oil


  • Use in an essential oil diffuser
  • Applying a drop to your hands and inhaling
  • Apply a few drops with carrier oil to targeted areas and Massage in
  • Add to body wash before adding to a bath
  • Add to lotions or moisturisers
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