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VPA Maltodextrin - 50 Serves

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VPA Maltodextrin is a form of long chain carbohydrate made from corn, rice, tapioca, maize, wheat or potato starch and is easily soluble in water which is important for its’ palatability. Maltodextrin is commonly added to food to enhance sweetness and texture. Maltodextrin can be either in liquid or powder form. Maltodextrin is often used in many foods (including sports drink and energy gels) as the source of carbohydrate.

VPAs Maltodextrin is in a powder form and made from corn, rice and potatoes. The product is made by hydrolysis. Hydrolysis, uses water, enzymes and acids to break the starch into small pieces, which results in a white powder consisting of sugar molecules. Basically, it involves extracting and isolating the starch from the corn, rice or potatoes and creating a powder.

Features and Benefits:

There are several benefits of Maltodextrin powder.

Maltodextrin promotes muscle repair post-workout as it increases the release of insulin that facilitates the influx of sugars and amino acids into muscle cells.

Maltodextrin delivers fast energy during exercise as it is quickly absorbed by the gut and increases blood sugar levels fast.

Maltodextrin is great for additional weight gain or as a meal replacement as it is a highly absorbed complex carbohydrate that is calorie-dense.


Add 1 scoop to 300ml of water, low fat milk or juice. Stir or shake for 20 seconds, or until completely dispersed.


100% Maltodextrin