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VegEase Raw Broccoli Powder 10g

by VegEase
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VegEase Raw Broccoli Powder is Freeze Dried Raw Broccoli. Our powders are aimed at toddlers & children who are still yet to like their veggies and for time poor busy parent.

      Features and Benefits:
      The nutritional benefits of Broccoli - You lock in the nutrition of vegetable at the time of freeze drying so it's as fresh as the day of was picked. The goodness of vegetables with their antioxidants/vitamins & minerals in tact. There were no wastage, no mess, no washing/peeling/dicing/mashing etc.
      Just spoon in the goodness of vegetables with their antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also an easy way to use vegetables and supplement the little one's diets either incognito or as a wonderful food colour and flavour. A great way to introduce little ones to the taste of vegetables for their future healthy eating habits.


            100% Raw Australian Broccoli


            Add 1 teaspoon of VegEase to meals such as rice, pasta and cereal or baked goods to ramp up the nutrition profile. You can also add vegEase to beverages. For best results add 1 teaspoon of VegEase to 10ml of hot water, stir, then mix with your beverage of choice. Use as a natrual food colour and flavour.

            For ages 1 and up. Not suitable for infants.