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Supercharged Food Golden Gut Blend 100g

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Supercharged Food Golden Gut Blend is a beautifully delicious, gut-loving addition to any drink or meal, plus it ticks all the boxes, as a raw whole food that's gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, low in fat and vegan-friendly with no added sugar or caffeine.

Features and Benefits:

  • Iron rich: reduces tiredness and fatigue; brain health and function
  • A pH of 8: Helps to create a healthy alkaline environment in the body
  • Anti-bloating
  • Low in fat
  • Low sodium: reduces blood pressure
  • Contains curcuminoids
  • Mineral rich, silica rich

If you're keen to get your daily dose of gut-loving golden spice and everything nice, then you've come to the right place. Besides, Supercharged Food Golden Gut Blend is a versatile blend that can be used to create delicious fudge, gooey gummy bears, slurpable smoothies, toasty lattes, soothing nice cream, and even the most memorable curries and heart-warming casseroles for the whole family. And if that's not enough, you can also sprinkle it on soups and porridge!

Give your gut a little love with this deliciously versatile blend of turmeric, spices and diatomaceous earth. 

Drink it. Sprinkle it. Blend it. Mix it. Bake it. Love it!


Organic 'Love Your Gut' diatomaceous earth, naturally de-bittered organic turmeric, certified organic ginger, certified organic cinnamon, certified organic black pepper.   Whole food, vegan, no added sugar, caffeine-free.


  • Golden Latte: Mix 1tbsp with your favourite warm milk
  • Digestive Shot: Add 1/2 tsp with a shot of warm water before meals
  • Brekky bowl: Mix 1tsp into your morning breakfast bowl
  • Ice Cream: Mix 1tbsp with 2 frozen bananas, 2 tbsp nut butter and 1/4 cup chilled coconut milk. 
  • Cooking: Add to Scrambles, Stir Fries, Curries and Baked Veg
  • Sprinkle: On Eggs and Avocado Toast
  • Fortify Smoothies and Soups