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Hilde Hemmes Herbal's Liquorice Root x 30 Tea Bags

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Hilde Hemmes Herbal's Liquorice Root has been traditionally used in western herbal medicine:

  • to relieve bronchial mucous congestion and coughs
  • to relieve symptoms of common colds and sore throats
  • as an expectorant to clear respiratory tract mucous
  • as a demulcent to soothe irritated tissues
  • to support general health and wellbeing.


Each Hilde Hemmes Herbal's Liquorice Root teabag contains Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice) Root & Stolon Dry 2 g


Infuse 1 or 2 teabags (2 or 4 g) of Liquorice Root in 250 mL (one cup) of boiling water, steep for 15 minutes before removing teabag/s. Adults only - drink 3 cups daily.

Read the label before purchase. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. May interact with prescribed medications - seek medical advice before use. Not recommended during pregnancy, lactation or for periods longer than 4 weeks. Liquorice Root naturally contains sugars (glucose and sucrose). Do not use if film wrapper is damaged or missing.