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Cellfood Original Concentrate 30ml

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Cellfood Original Concentrate is a uniquely created, proprietary formulation that contains 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen and utilises a unique water-splitting technology. Besides that, it provides an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system that may be absorbed in the body. Furthermore, Cellfood Original Concentrate is rich in beneficial antioxidants.

Features and Benefits:

Cellfood the power of ionic trace minerals, naturally occurring plant substances from mineral springs and sea water providing you with valuable nutrition.

International Hall of Fame Advanced Technology Award winner Cellfood: is a truly unique combination of nutritional technologies. It also provides a powerful, unsurpassed source of nutrition and dissolved oxygen to the body containing super energised ionic minerals in the most bio-available and effective form known today.

Cellfood supplies vital nutrients to nourish the body and help boost energy: Cellfood supplies naturally rich plant-based and sea based nutrients.

Cellfood delivers its nutrients in an ionic form: Because Cellfood’s nutrients are in an ionic state – at an amazingly tiny 4 to 7 nanometers in size – they may be absorbed quickly and efficiently.


Each 8 drop serving contains 326mg of cellfood (a proprietary blend of purified water, dissolved oxygen, ionic colloidal minerals, plant sourced enzymes & amino acids).


Serving Suggestions: Adults: 8 drops in 1 cup (250ml) 0f water or juice, taken 3 times a day - or mix 1 day's amount in a water bottle and drink during the day. May take with or without meal. Mild detoxification may be experienced; if so, lower dosage temporarily. No refrigeration required. This bottle contains approx 90 servings


Keep out of the reach of children. While undiluted pour with care when using near countertops, clothing and other surfaces; contains organic enzymes, and may cause bleaching. Store in tray. Avoid eye contact; rinse with water if dropped in eyes.